Why is it difficult to teach unity consciousness to a country with different beliefs and now earth is lifted up with another layer in golden era of earth ascension?

Sep 19, 2021

Earth ascension is all about healing earth and it’s being, so that each and every one in this path is doing their part, either to trigger or to clear up the collective energy or sharing ancient truth or unconditional love essence and God or pure essence of light have no religion. Maybe we all are one and due to various reasons, continent is split and beliefs.

Earth ascension is all about understanding the true essence of light inside our heart and when we sit at different locations and do meditating all the surrounding energies of people and their thoughts or prayers come into our energy field and earlier due to various channelling messages it was a confusing state but this month of golden light is helping us to disconnect from all religious beliefs or thoughts but spirituality is all about understanding the ancient wisdom of earth and unconditional love essence and unity consciousness is what it is all about but pure consciousness is a difficult situation in a place where lot of different opinions and hatred is going on but feminine essence of unconditional love is soothing earth and bringing peace and joy, even if the words are harsh what we are doing is for the highest good of all concerned on earth and let each and everyone live in unconditional love essence, but earth is now moving in two layers and let everyone stay at peace with what they believe…spirituality is our personal journey and inside.

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