When we are moving through an evolution of earth ascension/ how mind health is connected to inner and outer energy! #diet #mindhealth

Oct 28, 2021

Last few weeks was so intense and as always many among us faced lot of challenges and shifting, rearranging our life and we can’t express exactly this spiritual enlightenment process taking place all over the planet and especially now in Kerala, God’s own country .

The most challenging situations to be here in such a place of all resources and essence of nature but manipulation of consciousness still going on and removing people to believe in their own truth inside and pure consciousness and nature itself is teaching in different levels.

Those few who shifted earlier is assisting in the process and it was just like these energies around is passing through all feminine and clearing the old paradigm and earth energy blocking pure love essence and until unless it is available to all , the system itself pulled us inside our home and we are realising what exactly we needed to get peace and how simple it is to stay away from what that is not resonating with our own path.

The collective energy was. guiding to clear up and it was unintentional force from ascended masters to put light into every heart and to heal mother earth. Maybe we all forget that simple truth why we are here and what challenges humanity and earth is going through since years of ignorance and control over the simple universal truth and the knowledge that we are simply tiny energy droplets which is to help people understand what we learned than to showcase what is to project to control humanity or the scriptures which block women and their true divine connection. We all are divine and there is a reason to be here to experience life on earth and now we remember who we are in essence.
As predicted earlier Kerala is getting enlightened right now and it is a massive shift of energy from one side to another mixing up both positive and negative polarity and there is no light without understanding the dark side of a place and now we are moving deeper into that understanding. We are connected directly to that one source now, if we take Kerala of different beliefs and culture and how beautifully it is planned in an in an infinity loop of two strong beliefs of ancient wisdom Vishnu and Shiva or they call dark and light or light inside the darkness inside and dark merging to light and we have two sides of Travancore and Malabar and in between the twin city where I was living for years and understanding or a part of the shift and new era of light or the age of Aquarius and Kochi is the Queen of Arabian Sea and Travancore at connection to ancient civilisations of lost island but the truth is just to realise why our ancestors choose this place and whatever old trauma and pain is releasing through our system and many of them in their 40’s facing a dense energy clearing of generations and mind health or mental health matters most . After each session they are getting better with clearing patterns of past and life is getting much clarity. Many of them feel heaviness, sleeping disorders or emotional eating disorders and healing of all layers than just a diet plan is what they needed most .

During this intense shift of clearing up and supporting in different layers and many days the meditating and tears of knowing the changes and upcoming days where we need to support ourselves and next one year is the intense shift happening and we come back to the essence by having what is available around either food or connect to the source by closing eyes and meditating is natural now an anti depressive necessity to sleep like a baby. We have daily sessions now according to requirements of community. Everything will fall in place and available for all and emotions are really important now so choose love essence and come back to heart consciousness. Fear is the opposite of love essence and there are simple solutions to remove it .

sun is our soul and light which we call in different names in different religion and spiritual essence is to connect mind and soul to heal completely and our soul knows how to heal itself and choose situations accordingly.

We all are connected and our emotions or it can affect the nature and whole earth is just a part of the universe which need to survive itself and choosing the pure beings on earth more and earth is changing for good . How beautiful it is to see that now our community hare no body shaming or body image but they focus on sustainable food and well being of themselves according to their preferences and focusing on our path and immediate people who reach out is what is essential and when more people are getting enlightened the more love and peace. Maybe it will help heal all around and merging of the feminine and masculine or our own softness and strength or brain and heart is happening when we take back the power we gave to others to control our emotions and block consciousness. We are complete and enlightened beings as what suggested by channelling message of science and spirituality merging with the truth of this land and the essence of all spiritual energies that’s what Shankaracharya and Sree RamaKrishna the avatar of pure consciousness and connecting all world together in peace with all ascended masters which is guiding from time to time. But choosing those who born and lived here and connected or those who spread the simple truth all around the country and world. There is nothing to worry or to add anything when we are here in this divine land of infinite blessings and we all are true healers. Choose love and nature will guide!

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