Tamasoma jyothirgamaya – earth surface is clearing off today!

Nov 05, 2021

Today it is no moon day, just focus on love since earth is clearing off all hatred and old programs to love energy. We are just channelling the messages, and the intention is to help heal and come back to love essence and peace and it’s not our personal opinion or not connected to any. It was noticed that there are many rituals that people did on amavasya was to destroy or to take others spiritual energies for their own goal and many feminine energies on earth are affected when their soul is affected unknowingly and this old program is being reversed right now and returned. Anything that earth or other planets can hold is pure love and those who don’t have a soul can just close eye to connect directly than taking others energies and pain given to any being is reversed. Earth cannot tolerate human ego or dominance in any area anymore. Each and everyone is perfect complete beings of love and when we look to earth from other galaxies, it is just a tiny dot and if you want to save the planet and healing self, meditating for entire beings , may help other programs and odds of destruction cannot work anymore. Fear is replacing with love and all beings on earth are equally good. Forgiveness to self may heal and old ancestral programs of spiritual dominance is removed and earth or love essence is feminine in nature. Any pain given to them may return. Focus on good and oneness will come.

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