Post pandemic changes and how India is moving with food security and mind health?

Oct 31, 2021

Happy Sunday, #reducefoodwastage
We need to balance #foodsecurity , #emotions #malnutrition- either over nutrition and eating more due to the pandemic or less due to various shifting patterns internally and external India’s largest food security interventions—the #Publicdistributionsystem and the Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDM)—have improved efficiency contributed and reduced poverty in last two decades but now we need to focus on the food chain and less wastage when we are moving forward post pandemic changes and climate changes which is also connected to #mentalhealth

Since we have the traditional systems of prayer and various events with balanced diet distribution systems and food is also connected to social function and our emotions to support each other. Most of the houses have their own kitchen garden and economical food cooking methods which actually saved us from various problems and the fasting rituals also help.

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