Diet and Mind Health:- Next one year of earth ascension shift in Planet Earth. Sun rises in the east once, now it’s raining…why?

Oct 20, 2021

Diet and Mind Health, emotional well-being and trauma release is just more important in the upcoming years of ultimate shift in Planet Earth. Everything is changing and becoming more refined.

This journey of understanding life on earth through the stories of people living in different parts and understanding that human emotions play a major role in earth and the calamity. In our community we believe that almost all energy eating bugs which lower our mind, energy or anything that is lowering our mind is getting disconnected ourselves.

Last week was truly beautiful with different kind of discussion with professionals and physicians from various path who can connect more towards the science and they said there is a vacant space inside them which they are feeling like a shift in consciousness now a days even though they don’t like to be in a meditative mode . Many youngsters are not interested to talk about the religion and old stories which they can’t find peace but they all wanted to heal themselves from outside clouds.

I was just wondering how to connect this science and spirituality if it bring peace and love and that was the whole teaching is all about, but being in this path we are connected to the energies around but remembering who we are in essence may be helpful.

In the case of diet it changes from weight focus (website need to be edited:)) ) to more self love and avoid all body shaming and figure but overall wellness and ancient and scientific modalities are being implemented by each one in their own way. Being a free soul guided by nature, just loved to understand the truth of this land and I am not forgetting that I am here in this land where women was treated badly and it’s the land of Nangeli and the simple reason why people started believing in other culture to save themselves. But earth ascension energy is all about installing the universal law and order on earth and anything other than pure love essence cannot sustain in the coming shift. At the end of the day life is all about knowing who we are in essence and as many starseeds awakening and radiating that essence. We all are divine beautiful beings of light learning and understanding in our own way and each one is perfect in its own way and we can see pure souls in all religion, caste, creed and everywhere we go . The ancestral energies of last generations was clearing through us and we were confused for a while since so much dense energy and suggestions from different beliefs are spreading and remember that God is inside us and religion is made by people and each one have the free will choice to believe what was written in scriptures or move in new earth knowing the worth and the decision to be here during this time of earth shift to help heal.

Asurakalam is the period by which people and their emotions are like asuras and they do anything to make themselves win . But earth frequency get changed and it is reversing accordingly right now. You don’t need to get reacted to such negativity but nature itself will do and continuous rain is a part of it . But sun and moon are the only visible light that we can see from earth and it may appear in your compound but few distance away it is heavy rain which you can understand in the coming days. To support our community and the public there is daily meditation to help heal anxiety and fear and our emotions can also add more stress to the nature which is connected.

Remember that earth is our mother and we need to protect her and everything on earth is pure except human emotions and ignorance which is blocking the consciousness and trying to block the evolving souls. Maybe Indra the God of thunder was worshipped earlier and then due to various reason the focus changed to Moon or Krishna and it is our mind actually. Sun is the light or our soul and they call it as Rama and others from other religious beliefs also connected to the same light and golden era of truth and light will spread more positivity and love of coming generations and they have no blocking beliefs like us , those who are in their 40’s struggles with the heavens and hell . Do what you want to be in peace and just save our Mother Earth and sky is the limit. Love can heal everything!!

so much love light peace and joy


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