Daily meditation:Why we celebrate radhashtami and why it is important for upcoming earth shift.

Sep 14, 2021

radhashtami rituals and fasting, celebrating in India today and both souls are connected to each other and complete itself #radhakrishna , that divine love essence and joy spreading throughout during this golden era of truth and light with love and anything that is lowering that energy is moving away and only love can heal and help in the next shift of earth ascension .

Whole spiritual process or the universe itself is connected to masculine and feminine polarity and it was together in ancient Indian wisdom where more love essence and joy or when mind is connected to that divine truth, it’s always in happiness and abundance is a natural way, whatever we need to survive is in front of us and believers of Krishna always share that experience with us in our community and this twin soul journey of realising the ultimate potential of feminine energy of Durga with as many hands and weapons but as always we minimise that strength to a pleasant form of Radha or Lekshmi Saraswathy in India. But when ever a woman emotions are hurt or her path is blocked she changes into the ultimate truth and now we can see how feminine energy is protecting Mother Earth and masculine energy is still in its processing form of confusion and destroying themselves, maybe meditating is the only way to balance both and a picture of radha Krishna or shiva shakthi itself is enough to know the both sides of our inner truth.

Daily meditation sessions now at 9pm for community support. #gayathrinutrisolutions #community #diet #mindhealth

Daily meditation sessions now at 9pm for community support. #gayathrinutrisolutions #community #diet #mindhealth

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